Information Technology Education Programme

Yours sincerely. Welcome to the official website of Information Technology Education Studies Program, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Brawijaya.

Education world facing global challenges that moving dynamically, thus requiring each individual to compete in global markets. Individuals who can dominate the information has the greatest chance to be success. Therefore, education and information technology like two blades that can not be separated. Through the Information Technology Education Studies Program, University of Brawijaya strives to face the global challenges by educating students to be competent as a professional educator, an IT professional, and an entrepreneur.

Information Technology Education Studies Program's mission is to educate graduates as educators in the field of Information Technology, the graduates have a major competency areas of teacher training that includes pedagogical competence, professional competence in information technology, social competence, and personality. Graduates will be able to do the planning, management, implementation, evaluation of learning in accordance with the demands of the curriculum, and will be able to develop technology-based learning media.

Besides as educators, graduates of Information Technology Education can work as professionals in the field of Information Technology in the industry. So that, graduates have the competence, among others: (1) is able to implement the latest networking technologies; (2) is able to develop a software-based desktop, web, and mobile; (3) are able to plan and develop the technology database system; (4) able to make a model of business process and designing appropriate information technology solutions; (5) able to plan, execute, and finalize projects of information technology; (6) is able to solve the problems from installation until the handling of problems in the implementation of information technology; and (7) are able to understand the concept of geospatial, analyzing geospatial data, and is able to present the results of the analysis in the form of maps and applications.